Pshh, yeah you can. I started this cooking blog in 2015 when I first learned the ability to fake my cooking skills. My friends would always tell me they weren’t able to make the meal I did, because unlike me, they they “couldn’t cook”.  Yet, I was also not capable of cooking. This cooking blog was a way to share my secrets.

In my self-taught cooking education, I’d get so frustrated with cooking blogs because the recipes took forever to make, I didn’t have all the fancy tools, and measuring exactly ¼ tablespoon of lemon zest took the fun and spontaneity out of crafting a meal.

That’s where my cooking blog stands out. All recipes are 15 steps or less, I remove all measurements (taste-testing is encouraged instead), and these meals don’t take hours to make. If I can cook, you can cook too. I also designed the website! #humblebrag

My favorite pages are the Ridiculous Tuna Salad, and the Testimonials Page, (and yes, all the testimonials are real quotes!)

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