Hi! I'm Nicole.

A Brief History

I was born and raised in New Jersey, lived in New York for a quick second, and now you’ll find me soaking up the sun in Los Angeles.

While living in New York, I attended NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music before moving to the West Coast. I continued my education at Pepperdine, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2016. I have a wide range of professional work experience; I’ve worked in entertainment, sales, marketing and PR, and now I’m in the advertising industry.

I’m half Lebanese and half Polish, and I have a four year old daughter named Miss Beverly… she’s a shih tzu, and she’s very photogenic.

new headshot bww
Oooooh... Look What I Can Do!


During my first class at Pepperdine, my professor noticed I had a natural copywriting ability and suggested I explore the field. Now here we are.


I take pride in capturing the natural beauty of my surroundings. I’m the type of person who conducts a small photoshoot of my meal before I attack it.


I taught myself how to design websites utilizing WordPress templates. I’ve completed 5 sites for myself and others. It’s addicting, and I love it.


I can’t help but add a “Nicole-esque” flair to everything I do. Like this little rocket ship, for example. How cute is that?!